Educational Outreach Program

Python Educational Outreach ProgramWe love educating children and adults about snakes. We know that many people are initially unsure about or even intimidated by snakes. It has been our overwhelming experience that after a few minutes of talking about and seeing our snakes, almost everyone opens up. By the end of one of our “show-and-tell” sessions, most people are not only okay with them, but actually enjoy interacting with and even holding them. Of course, no one is ever forced to interact with any snake.

With their unique colors and patterns, our snakes are usually real crowd pleasers. Since we handle them every day, our snakes are used to human contact and are easily accessible to children, providing the perfect educational environment for even the most timid onlookers.

If you are interested in having us visit your organization, school or event please contact us and we’ll be thrilled to make the arrangements.

Our Snakes

  • “Pumba” Western Hognose
  • “Kelis” Apricot Pueblan Milksnake
  • “Cleopatra” CA Kingsnake
  • “Montague” Ball Python
  • “Skid” Ball Python
  • “Mike Wazowski” One-eyed Ball Python
  • “Chloe” Columbian Red Tail Boa