About Us

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We are a small family run breeder of high-quality ball pythons, located on California’s beautiful Central Coast.

With us, it is truly all about the snakes.  We are first and foremost a hobbyist, with a great love of our animals.  We offer some of our snakes for sale when we have an excess number of a particular morph.  We deliberately maintain a small collection so that we can maintain an intimate relationship with all of our snakes.  All are healthy, living in clean, comfortable environments conducive to regular eating and good sheds. Each of our snakes is handled on a regular basis, have good temperaments and are thriving.

If you buy a snake from us, we will usually be able to tell you anything you want to know about that snake, including their personality, lineage, last feeding, last shed, and even the last time they defecated.  For snakes that we produced, we also guarantee our snakes’ genetics.  For these reasons, we are also a bit fastidious when it comes to selling our snakes, so please don’t be offended if we ask you a few questions too.  We just like to know that our snakes are going to good homes or responsible fellow breeders where they will be respected and well-cared for.

100% of the profits from the sale of our snakes goes to fund childhood cancer research.  Our 8-year old son died from cancer in 2013, so this is our way of giving back and trying to help solve the problem of childhood cancer.  Your purchase greatly helps in this important cause!  Please visit www.samjeffersfoundation.org for more information.  Again, thank you for visiting our site.